Baby McElroy
I have the BEST husband ever :) I have been feeling horrid all day today, really nauseous. He starts the day by hopping up to make me breakfast - anything I want - even though he has the day off from classes. I have been working away, feeling ill, and then I had my lunch which was some samosas from costco, and they were like magic! The nausea is 80% better after eating them, nothing else I ate so far helped even a little! So I called hubby up for a chat and to tell him this and the first thing he says is "so should I leave mine for you?" and I could tell he was smiling. What a sweet man to let me have his "treat lunch" because it makes me feel better :) I don't know why the samosas helped, maybe the potatos, or the spices, but they did!

I'm hoping to play lacrosse tomorrow night. It's the finals for my league and I've been feeling so bad not being able to help my team out these last couple weeks. Not to brag, but I am a fairly strong player and my absence has certainly hurt the team. Finals are tomorrow so it will be my last chance to play for a long time (I won't be up to the tournament in August for sure) so I'd really like to play. They are going to be short 15min halves, and if we can pick up a spare player to sub in for us sometimes I should be fine. We started the season so strong I'd really like us to end strong, and I miss lacrosse so much!!


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