Baby McElroy
I am REALLY feeling the morning sickness now. I'm finding it hard to deal with feeling this awful. I'm not actually throwing up, just feeling like I'm going to all the time. It's really hard to find foods that I can stand the thought of. Limeade has been one thing I can stand all the time, and it seems to help a little, so I start my day with some. (Hubby dutifully hopped up this morning to get me a cup of it) Veggie Sushi also seems good to me all the time, and I'm actually eating the pickled ginger that I usually hate. This morning all I could stand to eat was some lettuce (with salt and pepper on it!!) and later some melba toast and pineapple. It's kinda freaky what foods sound good! And hubby's oatmeal this morning turned my stomach - how weird is that?!?

I'm very tired too. I was travelling for work this week and didn't sleep well, and didn't manage to catch up much last night.


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