Baby McElroy
Feeling icky again today. I really think the heat has something to do with it, it hit near 30 degrees today. (we're in canada, so that's the mid to high 80's for you in the US) which is pretty hot to me! I'm having trouble finding foods that sound good, and when I'm trying to eat every hour or two to stave off the nausea (the only trick I've found to work so far) I get bored with the same darn things. Fruit is ok, so I have that sometimes, but I don't want things like cereal, crackers, cookies, granola bars, etc. I want things with cheese, or spicey foods, "substantial things". I don't eat meat so that cuts out a few things too. I should have bought some of those veggie deli slices at the grocery store today but they just weren't on sale.

I can't beleive I'm past 9 weeks already! It seemed at the start like this was all going so slowly, but it's picking up pace. I'll be into the second trimester (and then hopefully free of the nausea) soon!


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