Baby McElroy
Actually ran to the bathrooms today in a fit of nausea, but nothing happened. I'm happy I didn't puke, but it's frustrating feeling like this all the time, for sure.

My husband did something cute this morning. Typically it's women that start planning the kid's college education from the date of conception, not the guys. Well this morning hubby comes in and says. "You know, I took swimming lessons at the same time as my brother, even though I was a couple levels ahead of him. So it would be okay to start kids in swimming right away and have them at different levels...." Just out of the blue he came out with that. We've talked about swimming lessons as a must for our kids in the past, but out of the blue he was thinking about our kids' future already. I thought that was pretty darn cool!

I have been looking around for other baby blogs on the net, but not having much luck. I've found a couple that are really late in pregnancy, but that's all. I'd really like to find a few blogs by gals who are in the first trimester, to watch along as they progress in their pregnancies, and see what they're going through...........


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