Baby McElroy
Well I learned the other day that morning sickness and brain freeze do not make for happy times - YUK!

I called and made my first OB appointment. I'm very excited, I really like the sound of the receptionist, and have good feelings about this practice. The first appointment is just talking, getting my history and answering questions and stuff, but I am looking forward to it.
I'm feeling a little more nauseous today. It started last night actually. The novelty of this particular symptom is certainly running out! I'm not super sick or anything, hopefully this is as bad as it gets.

I'm still waiting to hear from an OB, I'm going to call back tomorrow morning if I haven't heard anything by then. I'm eager to get in for an appointment.
I went to lacrosse last night for our regular league games. It was a light game, we just mixed up and played for fun, but WOW did I find it hard. Others were complaining that it was hard last night, so I wonder if it was partly just that it was warmer outside. I can't help but wonder, though, if being pregnant made it harder. I felt quite out of shape and tired. And after the game my lower back was quite sore. There is only one month left in the league games, so hopefully I can stick it out.

I noticed some veins showing up on my breasts this morning, and hubby swears they look bigger. I'm searching for signs, and so excited when I find something. I guess that's normal, wanting some validation this early in pregnancy.
Not much to report about the doctor visit yesterday. My doctor does not do births or obstetrics anymore, so I'm being referred to someone else. He didn't feel the need to confirm the pregnancy, since I had symptoms and home tests are pretty accurate. He seemed to think it would be okay to keep playing lacrosse (non contact women's field lacrosse, not bashing smashing box lacrosse) for a couple months, which is great. I was really hoping to hear that, hopefully my OB will agree.

I'm 5 weeks along today. It's neat to think about that, but it seems SO early. My mom is very excited. She knew I was seeing the doctor yesterday and she called me after to ask if she could start telling people yet. (she wanted to start making calls when I told her on Friday!) I figure the whole family knows by now! We haven't told any friends yet, but we will start pretty soon I think.
Well, I'm pregnant!

I'm excited, I'm scared, and I can hardly beleive it. I've wanted this for so long, it's hard to beleive it is actually happening. I only found out on Friday morning, but I am bursting to tell the world! I'm trying to hold off though. So far we've told my Mom, brother and sister, and Hubby's parents. Everyone seems really happy for us.

I have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon. I have piles of questions, and they probably want to do a blood test to confirm things. (though I understand false positives are VERY rare for home pregnancy tests)

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